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NingBo Qiaopu Electric Co.,Ltd

Ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltd professional produce QIAOPU brand power cord with plug,power cable and wire,power supply cord,flexible cable and flexible cord,extension cord,cord set and so many other products.our QIAOPU is a famous cord with plug brand and reliable in our customers heart.QIAOPU cable exist more than 18 years,the quality is good enough to satisfy customers need, besiders,QIAOPU wire price is very competitive.

in the past years,ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltd power cord and plug get many country certificates,such as europe VDE certificate,america UL certificate,australia SAA approval,UK BSI 1363,Korea KC, Swiss SEV, Italy IMQ, Argentina IRAM,japan PSE,south Africa SABS,Brazil UC/inmetro and get the international quality control standard ISO9001:2000.

Ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltd have many kind type products as follows:

D01 or D01/QT8 Oor D01/QT2 power ocrd:QIAOPU VDE certificate number is 40001746 and match the cable H03VVH2-F 2x0.75mm2,2x0.5mm2,H05VVH2-F 2x0.75mm2,2x1.0mm2.

D02 plug:QIAOPU VDE certificate number is 40002875 and match the cable H03VVH2-F 2x0.75mm2,H05VVH2-F 2x0.75mm2,2x1.0mm2. H05VVH-F/H05RN-F 2x0.75mm2,2x1.0mm2
D03 or D03/QT3 power cord:QIAOPU VDE certificate number is 40002872 and match the cable H05VV-F3x0.75mm2,3x1.0mm2,3x1.5mm2.H05RN-F/H05RR-F/H07RN-F3x0.75mm2,1.0mm2,3x1.5mm2
QT3 plug:QIAOPU VDE certificate number is 40005934 and match the cable H05VV-F 3x0.75mm2,3x1.0mm2,3x1.5mm2. H05RN-F/H05RR-F 3x0.75mm2,1.0mm2,3x1.5mm2
D04 plug:QIAOPU VDE certificate number is 40003488 and match the cable H05VV-F 3x0.75mm2,3x1.0mm2,3x1.5mm2. H05RN-F/H05RR-F/H07RN-F 3x0.75mm2,1.0mm2,3x1.5mm2
D05A plug,D05B plug and D06 plug:australia SAA approval number is ESO120303/00 and marking Q02462 with the australia approval SAA cable number NSW8298 and ESV110434
QP2 plug and QP3 plug:America UL certificate number is E232289. the AWG18/AWG16/AWG14 SPT,NISPT,SVT,SJT,SJTW flexible cord certificate number is E247978
PBB-6 plug,PBB-10 plug and PSB-10 plug:the CCC certificate numberi is 2005010201160072 and the flexible cable:60227 IEC52(RVV) 300/300V,60227 IEC53(RVV) 300/500V CCC certificate is 2004010105138418 and 60245 IEC53(YZ)300/500V ,60245 IEC57(YZW)300/500V CCC certificate is 2004010104138416

Ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltd also have other type approval plugs. such as Italy IMQ certificate D07 plug and D08 plug,Korea KC certificate K01 plug,K02 plug,K03 plug and K04 plug,Japan PSE certificate QP4 plug,QP5 plug and QP6 plug,UK ASTA license NO 930 with the D09 plug,Argentina IRAM certificate D10 plug and D11 plug,swiss SEV certificate D12 plug and D13 plug,Brazil UC and INMETRO certificate D14 plug,D15 plug,D16 plug and D17 plug,south Africa SANS certificate D17 plug and D18 plug and so on