AC power cord&plugs need to pay attention to these factors

In daily life, the security performance of the power cord plugs, want to be familiar with the following safety performance to ensure daily property safety:

The first point: select normal factory, shop or store, be sure to choose a brand of regular products, secondly according to the home power choose corresponding suitable products,

Otherwise cause waste or not applicable, for example: air conditioning, water heaters, microwave ovens and high-power products should choose more than 16 a plug, and small power products only need to choose 10 a and below the plug.

The second point: we need to see if there are any national compulsory CCC mark or other certification marks and Numbers, the power cord plug the above logo is clear and complete!

The third point: we need to check the power cord plug under inspection report, whether is normal manufacturer of production.

Fourth: the experimental, simply insert the power cord plug whether contact is good, no looseness, plug is pulled out!

Fifth: do not use on the same socket two high-power electrical appliances, don't buy any person change plug, found the power cord plug if you have any question, need to stop using in a timely manner.

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