how to inspect the power cable comprehensive test instrument

Comprehensive test instrument is made after the power cord in testing high pressure instrument, you can test the power cord have electricity, whether the leakage situation. This instrument is to regularly check, inspection method is as follows:

1, the first thing to adjust comprehensive test instrument air pressure, air pressure must be 0.4 MPa, tested to ensure that the power cord plugs are under pressure to 20 n.

2, test conduction and dislocation, dislocation with the proof of the power cord is plugged into an outlet, according to the requirements of the polar order testing, instrument alarm; With a break line test, E highly conduction, show that the equipment in good condition.

3, test to test the resistance to high pressure, respectively with a thong head external breakdown of external pressure, two thong internal high pressure breakdown of the sample line to test, if the instrument sound an alarm, then instruments in good condition.

Gulkov undertook comprehensive tester at least once daily to check the power cord, the morning after the start or end of the afternoon before operation, should be checked. When failure of comprehensive test instrument is broken, inspection shall be conducted, and make the corresponding maintenance records, maintenance is completed, when using the instrument should be the comprehensive test instrument calibration is good, all in the last calibration plug the power cord to test, after testing qualified, continue to test the other power cord.