many kinds extension cord
The power cord length is limited, in need of a long power cord, extension is required to increase the length, so that the plug in, the types of extension is also very much, we gulkov electrical extension type is quite complete.
Is the first Europe extension cord, just as its name implies is that at the end of the power cord plug can check into the other side, so that it can connect two such power cord, into extension and extension of the current flow distance, can the use of long distance.
The second is our QIAOPU Australian extension cord, a kind of can be to insert, another kind is to use another style of the power line to extend. To insert the new extension cord can also make it transparent, chat is it more troublesome. Another similar multi-function socket, on the other end of the power supply cord is not only a plug, and a pluggable socket, so a bit like the multi-function socket.
Third is mobile socket, it has a lot of jack, there are 4 and 6 hole hole, so that more extension cord can connect the power cord. The extension and lightning protection design, more safety.
A fourth is French extension cord, the extension is more special, his is a pin to plug it out, he is a French plug against the design of plug, is different from other extension cord.
The above is my list of four qiaopu electrical extension cord, there are many species not listed, but the products of our company is very complete, welcome new and old customers advisory order.