ningbo qiaopu control the quality of power cords

The power cord has been deeply into our daily life, because has to do with current, so the quality of the power cord is very important, once in life to use inferior the power cord, the consequence is very serious, even endanger people's lives, so ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTD., strictly control the quality of the power cord.

First of all, to strictly control the quality of raw materials. First of all, the PVC material is our own production, so the quality is absolutely excellent, customers can rest assured. About the oxygen-free copper, we from the formal channels to purchase oxygen-free copper, and our company has been won't change suppliers, that won't change, so the quality of oxygen-free copper customers also can rest assured.

Second, we must strictly the quality of the production equipment. Ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTD. Production equipment produced by machines, so the quality of the equipment is also very important, such as drawing machine, power cord you need to first drawer, if the quality of the drawer is not good, pull out the power cord there are air bubbles and leak copper problems, such as can be seen that the quality of the power cord, but our machine a professional inspector in the inspection, every day is a problem will be fixed, so the quality is absolutely can.

Third, we should pass of technology. Science and technology is the first productive force, only good technology, to produce high quality power supply cord. An enterprise needs to have strong technical capabilities, the power cord can be foothold in this industry.