the payment of ningbo qiaopu electric

Do the export trade, the terms of payment is very important, ningbo qiaopu electric co.,Ltd Foreign trade method of payment most commonly used for general has the following kinds:

1, the remittance. Now is usually by T/T, that is, T/T, also some customers are use d. If the customer can all T/T before, this is the best, for our company is also the most safe. A small amount of time, customers tend to take this way. Also some T/T before deformation, such as 30% of the amount as the advance payment in advance, and then pay the rest of the payment for goods before shipment, your shipment.

2, the letter of credit. This is a reasonable payment to both the sellers and the buyers. L/c is more troublesome, often will be deducting the cost of a pile of bank, so the amount is less than $ten thousand, or profit space is small, ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTD is trying not to do the l/c.

3, collection, including the D/P, D/A, the several ways of risk is slightly larger, since the buyer may have and their country's Banks collude to fraud, so you may as well try not to use.

4, O/A, that is, sell on credit. This I suggest that don't use directly. The risk is too big, because is multinational sell on credit, is not you want to see somebody else, we can directly. And you go to the family does not necessarily give you money!