the computer power cords should be work all the time or not ?

Generally, when we were in the use of computer power cord, used to insert the power cord has been a continuous power supply, so what should be like this? When we were in the use of computer power cord should have been with the power cord? In fact, the power cord own power adapter built-in overload protection function, can always connected to the power cord, but if you do not use the laptop for a long time, need to do processing and to get off the battery power, to do so is conducive to the notebook to extend the service life. But, in the life, the laptop in the case of a fully charged, or unplug the power cord is better, pull down at least has two advantages: first, can make the power adapter, does not work, rest. Second, surge, to prevent accidental damage to the adapter. More often, these problems are associated with personal habits, some people like to have with, when using, when switched on. Pulled it down some shutdown. Actually don't need to worry for these questions. Follow one's inclinations, but both are the same. Can set the charging threshold, when the power is less than 80% or 90% of the time to charge again. But after the power threshold is set, if the computer switched on, if now 95% of the battery, battery directly plugged in after will automatically recharge. When on, power is below the set value, is not automatically recharge. The power cord has been actually, there is no problem with, because for the battery, after fully charged batteries, laptop will automatically stop charging, until the battery to a certain level to allow for the battery to charge. So, laptop with or unplug the power cord has been neither too big effect.