the delivery process of ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltd

our Standardize shipment process is the purpose of the shipment in order to improve the working efficiency, strengthen the statistical data, problems arise can also step which is to check the problems in a timely manner.

ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltddelivery process is as follows:

As a first step, the salesman after receiving orders, fill out the production plan form, and show it to the boss signature, then the boss plans to sign this list to the production, the production staff row of single production. Salesman before scheduling order, first ask customer demand, need what specifications of the power cord, customers want how much is the production cycle, and then single so more reliable.

Second, ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltdeach workshop director after receipt issued production plan list, to reasonable arrange production order, if the quantity is large, to arrange production time, in order the above time. If fail, then you can arrange the employee working overtime.

Third part, the company workshop after complete the order, the salesman and customer handover, complete the payment of the balance payment, financial after received customer's money, proof of business by playing with open delivery note by the production department, delivery list in quadruplicate, a financial open VAT invoice, give a purpose to packaging workshop, packing workshop to shipment after got the delivery note, a in the guard, the guard to get the delivery note before they can release, another with the goods sent to the customer's hand. About the delivery, the salesman can decide is oneself walk or by the company logistics delivery, if delivery by the company, the salesman will need to speak with the client in advance is the lift.

If buy wire from ningbo qiaopu electric co.,ltddirectly, don't need processing plug, the shipping documents need to stay workshop warehouse administrator, he is responsible for the shipment, by does not need to packaging workshop workshop director, although in different workshop, but the process is still the same.

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