the problems of long time power cords
The service life of the power cord is limited, after a long period of use, the power cord also can appear some problems, for example, after a long time of use, the power cord skin exposed outside, may wear, and even skin broken wires directly, if appear such circumstance, the power cord is not in use, such as reuse, will appear. Especially in the construction of the place, like ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTD. Is currently to decorate, the machine run into a good chance of the power cord, so the power cord to the possibility of skin damage is very big, therefore, in the use of the power cord at ordinary times, time for a long time to pay attention to the power cord are in good condition. As well as outdoor use the power cord, severe pollution in some areas, the acid rain, so the power cord will be eroded, and long-term, will cause the power cord to lose its conductive function. Acid rain is not just, still have all sorts of other chemical corrosion, such and such problems can also make the power cord. Then there is the problem of the power cord be affected with damp be affected with damp, time is long, the power cord of the inner and outer sheath will be aging, especially in the case of conditions used, the service life of the power cord will be shorter, be affected with damp be affected with damp in the condition will be more serious, such as long buried in the ground of the power cord will be soil corrosion, which appear all sorts of fault. The power cord of long-term overweight operation for its damage is very big. Excessive carrier is easy to cause the power cord fever, all kinds of problems leading to the power cord. Problems with the power cord, to immediately stop using, avoid unnecessary loss.