the unqualified Europe power cable Characteristics
When a small factory not big enough, there will be many people envy, like some underground plants, take improper means to a certain benefits, such as use unqualified inferior material to make the finished product, make the product is unqualified, but they still sell to the customer, this is very bad. To everyone, for example about inferior Japanese power features:
1, the European power cable insulation layer thickness of the inferior looks will be uneven, over time, cracking, lead to electrical wiring short circuit, caused serious consequences.
2, poor power cord conductor resistance is unqualified, the unqualified leads to the aging condition of the power cord is accelerated, shorten the service life and increased power consumption at the same time, the overload.
3, the use of inferior materials while it is possible to reduce cost, but made the product is unqualified, can't use, so the supplier should be law-abiding, use qualified raw materials to produce products.
4 the asymmetry of the thickness of insulating layer, poor European power cord, will be the leakage, because the role of the insulating layer is to avoid leakage, cut off electric current. If use recycled plastic or inferior plastic, lead to the thickness of the insulation layer is differ, resulting in the power cord leakage, in this way, can cause very serious consequences. If cracking causes copper conductor, that which is more serious consequences.
Above is to illustrate the characteristics of inferior European power cord, hope all can use qualified raw material suppliers.